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Who is this blog aimed at and what is its purpose?

The goal of this blog is to help analysts get up to speed with Business Intelligence tools and  analytics techniques. Its about using smart technology and techniques to improve the allocation of analyst time so they can focus on work that can really pay dividends.

Who is this Steve guy?

I am  Steve Fox, I am the business Intelligence Manager for a SME that operates  in the Telco industry.  We currently work in a number of countries including China, Australia, Brazil, & New Zealand. In the past I have worked for  large Enterprises such as Microsoft  & ANZ National Banking Group. My roles have have typically  involved setting up and managing Customer / Business  Insight teams and then defining the BI strategy. More recently I have made the conscious decision to work in SMEs. I feel, in smaller organisations, there is a greater opportunity to make a significant impact on the businesses.

Outside of work, I enjoy travelling and have  visited approximately 30 countries in the last 10 years. As for other interests, I enjoy free diving, scuba diving, photography, sea kayaking, fishing,  mountain biking and reading.

As for education, I have a PhD from Canterbury University (New Zealand), a  1st Class Bsc Honours from Tasmania University, and a BSc from Auckland University.

Relaxing ? - Diving with Bull sharks 10 kms off the Natal coast South Africa

Relaxing- enjoying a well earned "Everest" Beer on the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal 2007

Spare time ! …..Sea Kayaking  in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand

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  1. Sean Kelly

    Great videos. Cheers. Also, great to hear a kiwi accent… things make so much more sense! :)

    • admin

      Thanks Sean, great to hear you found them useful.

  2. Duke Jian

    It’s very helpful and useful videos. Thanks so much!

  3. Your Name


    Your videos are very useful.


  4. Rhonda Veit

    Thanks for the videos. Your explanations are clear and concise.

    Love the accent too!

  5. Lineu

    Hi Steve,

    Thanks a lot for sharing the excellent videos.


    • admin

      Great you found them useful! Regards Steve

  6. Ayush

    Great videos ! I am from Nepal. Glad to see your picture from Annapurna.

    • admin

      Hi Ayush- good to hear you found the videos useful. Loved Nepal. I have travelled to about 30 different countrie and Nepal is probably my favourite!