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A beginner’s guide to SQL: An introduction to the 5 most commonly used pieces of SQL code

This 10 minute “Introduction to SQL” tutorial  teaches students the 5 most common SQL  tasks that  data analysts perform on a daily basis such as

  • Select  all rows and columns  from a database table
  • Returning a subset of columns from a table
  • Sorting results from a query
  • Filtering records, including using wildcards
  • Joining  database tables using Inner Joins
  • Returning distinct/ unique records from a column

The tutorial and supporting material is designed to enable students to follow along in real-time with the instructor. It assumes no prior understanding or experience with SQL or writing code.

The code provided with the course works with Microsoft SQL Server 2008, 2008 R2, SQL 2012, and SQL 2014. It will also work with all editions of SQL Server and most open source databases such as MySQL.

Sample code can be downloaded here  and a video  of how to set up the sample database is provided here

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