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Archive for November, 2010

Using the Multiple Flat Files Connection Manager to import multiple files into SSIS.

The Multiple Flat File Connection manager in SQL Server Integration Services allows users to import multiple files using a single connection manager. Using the "*" wildcard also enables all files within a directory to be easily imported.This video demonstrates how...

Analyze Key Influencers Tool Demonstration.

Demonstration of how to use the "Analyze Key Influencer Tool" using the Excel Data Mining Add in. The video covers 1) What is the "Key Influencer Tool"? 2) What sort of business problems can it help answer? 3) A practical...

Creating Dynamic Excel Charts & Data Tables that Automatically Update.

This video blog post demonstrates  how to use Excel data tables & the OFFSET function to create graphs & data tables that dynamically / automatically update when the underlying data changes. Widgets

Building Scorecards in Excel 2010 using Powerpivots.

This video blog post demonstrates how to build a scorecard in Excel 2010 using the Powerpivot addin. It also outlines the advantages of using Excel 2010 Powerpivots to build scorecards. This includes a) Data compression b) Very fast "slicing of...