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16 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Johnny

    I found your SSIS video on YouTube and it was exactly what I needed. I then went to your site and found an Excel video that taught me something new (which rarely happens anymore). Great stuff!

    • admin

      Thanks for the feedback – always great to hear that a video was useful.

  2. Thank you for your videos on SSIS. They really helped me gain a better practical understanding of using the tool set.

  3. A PHD ‘mountain man’ with demonstrated practical knowledge and a desire to work where one has real impact. You should be running a country somewhere.

  4. If i wasn’t clear b/4….. your site rocks!

  5. beware

    I found your post on Youtube, it is really great stuff and much clear than my teacher has done. I wonder if you can show us some event handling issue. I really appreciate your work.

  6. Sergio

    I just started learning SSIS and your tutorials are very helpful to unleash the power of it.

    • admin

      Glad the videos helped out. All the best with getting up to speed with SSIS.


  7. Johnny

    Steve – You’ve done it again! Your 4 minute video on “Unpivot transformation in SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services 2008)” will save me hours of work and frustration.

    • admin

      Pleased you found it useful Johnny! All the best- Steve

  8. Sanjeev

    This is one of the best sites about SSIS and Excel DM Add in. I found these videos extremely helpful and was able use these tools and techniques in just couple of hours. Perfect. I look forward to new materials. Thanks a lot.

  9. Anthony

    Just wanted to say how amazingly helpful these videos have been. I am just starting out as a BI Developer and need to get up to speed on the SQL Server tools quickly. After scouring the web going through articles and tutorials I found this site and its incredible. I am extremely impressed with the videos and love the format. Keep them coming!

    Thank you so much!

    • admin

      Thanks for the kind words. Great to hear that you have found them useful. Regards Steve

    • admin

      Hi Anthony, Great to hear that the videos have been useful. All the best with the new role. Regards

  10. Trevor Kelley

    Extremely good high quality practical video.

    I have access to almost every technical book on the planet, but found your free video the most useful.
    Consider compiling a course for on SME Data Analytics.

    It would greatly elevate your profile and lead to many opportunities.

    • admin

      Thanks for the kind words Trevor. Coursera is great stuff.